Toni Warden

Wade did an beautiful job with my daughter’s funeral. They were warm, caring, delicate and humble, while being knowledgeable, and helpful. They helped me with some decisions that were too difficult. Their chapel where the service was held was gorgeous. While funerals as a whole are very expensive, they were much more reasonable than another local funeral home I had looked into. The chapel was much nicer and they offered more services in their packages. Would highly recommend!

While this would not change my 5 star rating, some recommendations for improvement are easier photo upload on the website. Some of the pictures uploaded came out sideways and upside down. Larger photo viewing on the site. It would also be nice to upload the photos for the funeral pictorial instead of bringing a thumb drive. And integrate all aspects of the funeral planning into one appointment, such as the layout of the handout and choosing the theme/background for the pictorial.

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