Marianela Esther Davis

marianela davis

May 1, 1955 ~ February 9, 2023

Resided in: Arlington, Texas

Marianela Esther Davis, age 67, passed away peacefully February 9, 2023.
Spanish culture often give family members nicknames to express affection so, her name was shortened to Nellie. She was born in Panama, central America. In 1969, at 15 years of age, the family moved to Wichita Falls, Texas. She learned really quickly that kids in Texas liked poking fun at her [nick]name by saying things like, “W-H-O-A, Nellie, Whoa, horsey!” In spite of the name-teasing, she kept Nell, a shorten of version of Nellie. Later in adulthood she embraced the name Nellie all over again As a teen Marianela babysat for two family quite often. She was wonderful with kids and always loved by the parents. She was dependable and had an old sweet soul. One of the family moving to another state, crushed by the thought of not seeing Marianela, expressed their sentiment and wishes in wanting to adopt her to our mother. The family moved to Arlington, Texas. In 1973 she faced health challenges but she managed to graduate with good grades and was offered a scholarship to college. Because of health issues she passed up the offer. A few years after graduating from her high school (Sam Houston High School), she began working at Foley’s (now Macy’s) in the fine jewelry Department. This is where she meets her husband to be, George Davis. When she realized, she had started to like him, she asked him if he was married or had a girlfriend and his response was, “Are you asking me on a date?” They dated and married in Hawaii. Within months of dating, George purchased the house they would call home in Arlington Heights, Fort Worth Tx. right across the street where he grew up. They both quit their jobs to startup, Mobil Assembly, a furniture and appliance delivery service for Foley’s. In the days of Mapsco, George drove and Marianela was the navigator. After years, the business grew but carrying furniture took a toll on George and he came up with the idea to transport surgical equipment for Hospitals. They became owners of a medical transport company that transported surgical equipment and patients from one medical location to another. They both enjoyed a few years of retirement. George passed in 2008. Marianela had always wanted children of her own but George being 10 years older, did not. He was the oldest of four busy boys raised by a single mother, he remembers the tough times and had no desire to have children of his own. But Nellie, adored all babies and children. She was a kid at heart herself. She enjoyed all her nieces and nephews. In 1975, Jennifer Gattis (niece) was born and she was a light in her life. All the nieces and nephews would hold a special place in her heart. In 2014 Fisher Lenzini (great niece) was born and the two of them were best little buddies. Fisher loved her aunt Nellie. Marianela was doating, silly, entertaining and funny. And Fisher felt like one of the girls…It was G-mama, YaYa and aunt Nellie venturing out together weekly for years. Fisher will always have sweet memories of her aunt Nellie.
Losing a loved one is one of the most distressing experiences humans will face; losing your husband and your mother both is heart crushing. Knowing that they will never walk through the front door again has to be devastating. Knowing they will never sit at the dinner table with you brings out of us many emotions, some emotions are physical and some are mental. There is a breakdown. A sense of confusion, depression, sorrow, seclusion and even a feeling of guilt and anger. Nell experienced all of these.
Our hearts ache but we know she is in the presence of our Lord and Savior and healed from illness and grief. We know He restores to full health what was once meant to be. We will be caught up together in the clouds and together we will meet our Lord. Until then, rest in Heavenly Peace, aunt Nellie.

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