Kaitlynn Minh Thu Nguyen

kaitlynn nguyen

May 19, 2010 ~ March 8, 2024

Born in: Fort Worth, TX
Resided in: Fort Worth, TX

Our darling angel Kaitlynn “Minh Thu” Nguyen tragically left us suddenly on March 8, 2024 in Taos Ski Valley New Mexico. She left behind a loving grandpa, “Ong Noi” Tien Nguyen; grandma, “Ba Noi” Tram Dang; grandfather, “Ong Ngoai” Duc To; grandmother, “Ba Ngoai” Lien Phan; father, “Ba” Kenny Nguyen; mother, “Me” Thuy To; sister, “Chi Hai“ Katie Nguyen; uncle, “Chu” Ethan Nguyen; auntie, “Co” Evelyn Chang; uncle “Cau”Toan To; cousin “Chi” Vy To; and many members of her extended family from her Great-Great-Grandmother to her cousins, all of whom miss her so so much.

As an 8th grader at Harmony School of Innovation, she was an Honors Student with multiple Certificates of Excellence in Science Fairs, Speak Up Speak Out State Competition (2024 1st place), Speak Up Speak Out DFW Regional Competition (2024 3rd place, 2023 2nd place). She was a member of the National Junior Honors Society and received numerous medals.

Kaitlynn loved school, her friends and her teachers. She also loved traveling, practicing karate, and playing piano. As if she and her family knew her time on Earth would be so short, she and her family traveled the world and our country extensively, visiting Viet Nam, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, England, France, Belgium, Canada (Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec), Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, California, Nevada, Maine, New York, Niagara Falls, Boston, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida (Miami, Orlando, Disney World), Alabama (Orange Beach), New Orleans, and other places.

After almost 14 years on Earth bringing love, happiness, and joy to her family, relatives, and those whose lives she touched, Kaitlynn embarked on her last journey. Under the sunny morning of March 8th, 2024, wearing a white jacket, from the top of the Summit at Taos Ski Valley, our Little Angel skied her way back to Heaven and into God’s Eternal and Loving Embrace.

We love and miss you so much, dear Kaitlynn “Minh Thu”! We hold you and your memories in our hearts forever until we can hold each other again in Heaven.


Public Viewing: March 15, 2024 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wade Chapel
4140 W Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX 76013

(817) 274-9233

Public Viewing: March 16, 2024 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wade Chapel
4140 W Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX 76013

(817) 274-9233

Public Viewing: March 17, 2024 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Wade Chapel
4140 W Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX 76013

(817) 274-9233

Celebration of Life: March 17, 2024 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Wade Chapel
4140 W Pioneer Pkwy
Arlington, TX 76013

(817) 274-9233

Ceremonial Cremation: March 17, 2024 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Wade Funeral Home and Crematory
4140 West Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76013


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  1. You were here, you used it all, and now you are at peace. We love and miss you so so much our dear Little Angel Kaitlynn. With broken hearts, Ông Trẻ Bà Trẻ

  2. CandleImageI remember when I told you about my debate in ela about spongebob being a murderer and then you said you could do it better than me; after that you told me you wanted to be a lawyer.

  3. CandleImageI remember you sent me videos about what ramune flavor you were and when I said all because you had at least one trait from all of them you called me fake 😭 but then that’s when I asked you what your favorite color was and you said pink.

  4. Even though Grandma Thọ and the aunt and uncles have never met you, the angelic photos of you from when you were little have left a very deep impression in our hearts. May you rest in peace and we will love and miss you forever.

  5. Ken,
    Sending lots of Love and heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Dear Minh Thư Kaitlynn, I am so sad and so heart broken when you left us so soon and so suddenly. Your beloved grandma kept asking me to help mend her broken heart. But how can I help her when I can’t even mend my own? Love and miss you until the end of time…. Great-Uncle Ông Sáu Hung Thien Dang, MD

  7. 🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️
    Dear Ken & Family-

    Words fail to express our deepest sorrow for your loss. Our hearts go out to you all during this difficult time. Thoughts and prayers for strength and healing for you & your family.

    Anne Mendoza

  8. CandleImageI have known you since we were in 1st grade and ever since we became good friends. You were an amazing person. Even though we had small arguments, the group ( ccakee ) had really fun times with you. We had times when we discussed about really random things, like crushes or what animals we looked like. We would joke around at times about you and Henry’s arguments, when he was still attending Harmony. We really enjoyed going out with you, like to Six Flags, Parks Mall, Hulen Mall, Grapevine Mall, and even in my house to hang out. I can go on and talk about the beautiful and memorable memories you have imparted to me. Thank you for your time and memories you have imparted us on your time here on Earth. Now that you’re in a better place, we will be all missing you and you will always have a place in my heart. Until we meet again, Kei!

  9. Last Saturday, March 2, 2024, Me, Catherine, Kaitlynn, Guilliana, Dani, Sinead, and Emily went to Six Flags. We rode in the Titan which is the second scariest roller coaster in the park. Me and Kaitlynn decided to ride next to each other. As the roller coaster started to go up, we were a bit scared and decided to hold hands for some comfort, and before the roller coaster went down Kaitlynn told me “If I die, I just want to let you know that I love you!!”. I replied with “I love you too Kaitlynn”, not knowing that those words were now sincere and not something she was joking about. Now that she is in a better place, I will remember her as a sweet and generous friend, who just wanted to have fun and live life to the fullest. I’ll be missing you Kaitlynn.

    • Kaitlynn’s message could also be for her family, relatives, and those whose lives she touched: “If I die, I just want to let you know that I LOVE YOU ALL !!!” (Thank you for share your thought and feeling with Kaitlynn).

  10. Ken and Family,

    Our hearts are saddened by your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If there is anything we can do to help you at this time, please do not hesitate to call.

    The Lilly Family

  11. I remember when we first met in person, we were at a party and we acted like we knew each other and hung out forever. Me bird guilliana and you had a sleepover. You and bird slept at 10 and me and giu stayed up until 12. When we woke up giu and bird picked me up and threw me in the bathtub and you recorded. I’ve only known you for almost 2 years but it felt like forever. I loved that you me and gelo would randomly play fortnite and we were so bad. I’m so glad that I met you and you made these 2 years feel worthwhile. I hope that we could meet again one day kaitlynn <3

  12. You were always a ray of sunshine Kaitlynn. Every time I saw you, you were either smiling or laughing. I’ve known you since elementary and it was truly an honor to watch you grow up as the years go by. We were never close until last year, but I knew you were always part of our Tropang Family. You were always a big supporter to me and those around you, leaving joy everywhere you went. I’ll miss playing our favorite game together, but I’ll always cherish the memories we had playing. I’m forever grateful and thankful to know such a sweet and loving person.

  13. Dear Kaitlynn, we wish our best condolences to you, and we pray for God to watch over you and grace your body in heaven.

  14. You were one of the sweetest and kindest people I’ve ever met Kaitlynn. You were such a silly goose and I’m so so glad I had ever met you. you had such a long life to live and I regret not spending as much time with you as I could. Even now I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you’re gone forever. When I got the news it felt like the world was crashing down on me and I thought it was some sort of cruel prank. Every time I think of you my heart feels heavy.
    Even if you’re gone, I’ll still cherish the fun memories we made together whether it was spent with Tropang Jr. or at our lunch table. I’m so happy that I was able to spend one of my most favorite memories with you at Six Flags and Hong Kong market. I remember how I kept pestering you to take so many aesthetic pictures of me everywhere to the point where we made jokes about how your storage was dying, or how I kept screaming on every single ride we went on and how we would just laugh it off. You would also always pull up to a handful of Tropang parties and we decided to give you the title of “Honorary Filipino”. You were planning to come with us to go camping but it makes me sad to know that you won’t be able to go anymore. I really wanted you to be there when we do fun games or maybe even karaoke.
    As much as it hurts to let you go, it makes me happy to know that you’re at peace right now and you’re probably still spreading so much joy to others as you did with us. I’m going to miss hearing you rant about so many random things or listening to you sing. I’ll keep your lunch seat warm and I’ll visit you to rant about my life so you won’t feel alone. I love you to the moon and back pooks and I hope we’ll be able to finally reunite in the future so I can give you a super fat hug ≧◡≦ !

  15. kaitlynn, you sweet girl.

    just over a week ago, you were with my sister celebrating her birthday at the park. i wasn’t interesting in joining, but then you texted my sister asking, “will channah be there? i love channah.”

    you were so sweet to the tropang kids and you will constantly be in their hearts. you are forever a part of our family; there will always be a spot saved for you at our parties. i will always hold such a fondness for you and our small conversations. you are beyond loved.

  16. Thật bất ngờ, và vô cùng đau đớn khi nhận được tin cháu gái yêu thương đã lìa xa cõi đời, chia tay những người hết mực yêu thương cháu. Chắc chắn nỗi đau này sẽ thật khó quên, nó sẽ mãi âm ỉ trong lòng của chúng ta, những người thân yêu của cháu suốt thời gian còn lại.
    Nén đau thương để hoài niệm những gì tốt đẹp nhất về cháu, xin gửi đến gia đình lời chia buồn sâu sắc nhất, và xin được thắp cho cháu 1 nén nhang thay lời tiễn biệt…
    Thành kính phân ưu cùng Gia Đình.

  17. My dear,
    It’s hard to believe that the last time I saw you, you were only three years old. Since then I only knew you and knew about you through the many stories your grandpa (Ông Nội) told me. Although we never met again, I along with your extended family from California and in Vietnam feel the familial love for you, as naturally as the way your grandpa loved and still does love you. We hope that in heaven, you’ll see this love we’ll forever carry.
    Rest in peace, my dear!
    – Bà Chi

  18. Vô cùng thương tiếc, Thư ơi
    Hoa râm ở lại, lìa đời tóc xanh
    Mong Thư ngàn vạn phước lành
    Hồn phiêu diêu chốn trời xanh, non bồng
    Thư đi để lại nhớ mong
    Bao nhiêu thương tiếc trong lòng, Thư ơi!

  19. Minh Thư yêu quí,

    Ông bà trẻ và gia đình vô cùng tiếc thương và đau xót khi được tin con đã vĩnh viễn rời xa chúng ta, những người thân yêu của con, rời xa thế giới này. Nhưng trong tim ông và tất cả người thân, con vẫn tồn tại mãi mãi.

    Mong thiên thần bé nhỏ của chúng ta yên nghỉ nơi cõi Vĩnh Hằng.

    Ông bà trẻ Lộc Nguyễn và gia đình

  20. Vô cùng thương tiếc cháu Minh Thư…
    Thật đau đớn và bàng hoàng khi các ông, bà,cô,dì,chú bác,anh,chị bên Việt Nam nhận được hung tin về sự ra đi đột ngột của cháu .
    Nỗi đau buồn khôn xiết, có lẽ chẳng có ngôn từ nào diễn tả được…
    Cháu đi xa khi còn quá trẻ, cả một bầu trời tương lai rộng mở, chờ đợi cháu… ,bao nhiêu yêu thương, hy vọng mà tất cả những người thân yêu kỳ vọng về cháu phút chốc đã tan thành mây khói…
    Làm sao có thể quên, có thể nguôi ngoai…chắc chắn sẽ mãi mãi là niềm đau thương tận đáy lòng của những người ở lại…
    Tất cả đã có những khoảnh khắc yêu thương, tươi đẹp về cháu, và cả niềm tự hào về những gì cháu đã thực hiện được khi cháu còn hiện diện….
    Đau lắm, thương lắm khi phải nói lời từ biệt cháu.
    Cầu mong thiên thần bé nhỏ yên nghỉ trong sự yêu thương ấm áp mãi mãi của gia đình nhỏ của bé và trong tâm của đại gia đình họ Nguyễn chúng ta…
    – Ông, bà Nguyễn Sỹ Nguyên và gia đình.
    – Ông, bà Nguyễn Sỹ Lưu và gia đình
    -Bà Nguyễn Thị Kim Yến ( bà Thúy)
    – Bà Nguyễn Thị Kim Oanh và gia đình

  21. Kaitlynn, I’m so happy that I got to spend these last 9 months of my life with you. My favorite moments were really just spending any type of time with you. On the phone, hanging out, or even saying hi to eachother at school. Every single time I’ve talked to you, you have always been so kind, happy, caring, and positive about every situation. You are such an out-going person and always wanted to go the extra mile when it came to anything. You taught me that theres more to happiness than just money and that there are things in this world that money cannot buy. I’m really gonna miss everything about you. Your smile, laugh, voice, and you especially. You are the best friend someone could ever ask for in the whole universe. I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do without you because we call every night and I feel so sad knowing I won’t be able to call your phone or pick up your calls. I pray that you’re feeling better and resting well. I’m really really really gonna miss you so much kaitlynn but sooner or later I’ll see you. I love you kk see you soon<3.

  22. Dear Bác Tiến và bác Trâm, anh Tuấn và chị Thủy, anh Trí and Evelyn, and Katie

    Words can’t describe the shock I felt when I received the news. And I can’t begin to imagine the devastation you are experiencing. My heart goes out to all of you.

    Although Minh Thư lived a short life, I truly believe that she had some of the most wonderful experiences and that she was whole heartedly loved by you and by many others around her.

    I know nothing I say can lessen the pain you feel, but I hope the warm memories you have of her can bring you some comfort. She will live on in the memories of those who cared deeply for her.

    My sincere condolences.
    -Vân Khanh

  23. i remember when we had our crlp lock in and me and you started arguing in uno because we both had ome card left 😓

  24. Kaitlynn, being with you has been one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever received. When I found out about your passing, I couldn’t help but feel in denial. You were such a sweet, brilliant 13-year-old girl, and I couldn’t accept that you were no longer on this earth with us. All the wonderful, significant memories we created and shared with our friends have been the best moments of my life. You’ve taught me so much in the few years we spent together. I wish we could’ve made hundreds more. These heartfelt memories we’ve made won’t ever get lost. Trust me on that. <3
    I remember asking you why you were always active with friends and family. You responded with, “Life is short, and you will never know when it’ll end. I’m trying to make the most of what I can.” At the time, I laughed about it. I never would’ve thought you’d leave me so soon. I believed that Kaitlynn Nguyen would outlive us all with her high energy and positive spirit. Now, however, I realize what you meant by that phrase. From now on, I’ll be sure to think about it daily.
    Lastly, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I know we were only friends for a short amount of time, but it means a lot to me. You may not be with me physically, but you will always have a space in my heart. I hope we get to reunite someday, whether it’s soon or later. I love you, Kaitlynn. Make sure to stay coquette in heaven for me (with your level 10 gyatt).

    To her family, thank you for all you have done to give Kaitlynn the best life possible. I send my full support and pray that you all experience greatness as we get through this. My condolences to you all. Kaitlynn will always be looking out for us up above.

  25. Dear Minh Thu ,

    I often said to your parents you were a cute princess . I still remember how Dylan , Logan and you played together . I still remember the moment your dad took you go to Walmart and waited for you to choose toys . Everything you did is so cute, soft and charming.

    My heart was broken . I can not believe in the news from anh Trường . I was so shock and keep telling my boyfriend I could not believe in it . I can not keep my tears. Life is not fair for you

    Please be peaceful in the heaven

    Tran Pham
    Teferi Mitiku

  26. Dear Minh Thu! Grand aunt Tho (ba Nam Anh), aunt Anh, uncle Viet , An, Hau , Vuong and our family. Yes! We have never meet, but your grandpa had always keep you so very close with us every time we had conversation or family re-union. You made your grandpa very happy and so proud of you, very sweet, smart loving little angel always in part of our big family. You are rest in better place now, you will be missed. We love you. Bà Nam Anh family.

  27. Dear Minh Thu,
    I just went by your Grandparents’ house about 3 months ago to drop off BANH CHUNG for Vietnamese New Year, and I saw you there, and I was told by your Grandparents that you are so tall and a beautiful girl. It’s hard to believe that the last time I saw you. “We never would have felt ready to say goodbye to someone as special as Minh Thu, but this timing feels especially tough. Wishing your family comfort and strength for the days and weeks ahead. We’ll be praying for all of you.”
    Victor Tran and Family

  28. CandleImageI’m sorry we weren’t closer. You were one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and one of the people that made a difference in our school, with friends from sixth grade all the way to sophomore year ( and maybe higher idk!) You legit did everything you could, managing a full schedule with NJHS, Track, SUSO, while somehow keeping a social life going out every week, AND keeping straight A’s. I remember you asked about DECA and I was really looking forward to going to competitions and fun trips with you. Our plans always ended up being “next time” and our plans to play together never came true. It all feels like a sick joke and when we show up you’ll jump out at us and laugh. I can’t even imagine you not smiling. I promise I’ll learn music theory and help Sinead with her piano homework. I’ll go back to karate and maybe I’ll try out your place too. I’ll get better at Fortnite and make you proud 🙂
    Even when things weren’t perfect, you were still always there. You always supported everyone feeling down, giving me the best pep talks and scolding me when I deserved it. Your enormous positivity always influenced everyone around you. You even convinced me to confess to Viv, which was the best decision I’ve ever made. I remember afterwards you always said “Ughhh when is it my turn to be happy.” But with the way you’ve been living, I know you were happy. Everything seemed to be going right, and I saw you in the halls everyday smiling with your friends walking down to our side of the school. You deserve your spot in heaven, and I hope you’ll continue to watch over us and cheer for us the same way you did here on Earth. Thank you for everything 🫶🏼

    • CandleImagei’m sorry i never got to know you. i’ve always looked up to you, though i’ve never told you this. you’ve influenced me in more ways you could imagine, whether it be getting through a rough patch in life, academic success, or even tips for makeup, it felt like i was always following in your footsteps. we’ve shared many common interests and you’ve inspired me to start many more on my own path. i’ve wanted to talk to you and spend time with you but i didn’t know how. i had always admired you from afar, never getting to know you. i know you’re in a better place now, may you rest in
      peace, kaitlynn.

  29. CandleImageI can’t quite grip the feeling of acceptance that you are really gone forever. When I first received the news of your passing, I couldn’t believe it at first. I thought it was some heartless inside joke that everyone was passing around, but I came to the realization that it was all true. Speaking from the bottom of my heart, you were one of the most unique and talented people I know. You were so kind and thoughtful to the people around you. We had so many fun memories together. I remember the time where we went ice skating with Nyla and you guys kept falling over and over, and ruptured our vocal cords singing songs from Hamilton at the top of our lungs in the karaoke room. I feel so lucky I got to experience these moments with you.

    I regret not spending enough time with you and missing the chance to say how grateful and proud of you and how far you’ve come. And Kaitlynn, you still have my sweater. LOVE YOU SO MUCH CON. ❤️❤️❤️

  30. I love you so much, angel. I love you so much that words cannot describe🩷 I never thought there would be a day that you wouldn’t be here and I have so much regret taking your presence for granted. I have literally no words. I’m still bracing myself for when reality kicks in and I show up to school to find an empty seat. I have no idea how I’m going to do life without you. How it’s going to feel going into highschool without you. All I want to do is wake up from a text to you that proves that this all isn’t real and that I still have you but sadly everytime I go to text you I remember that you won’t text back. I’m not sure what happens after death but all I know is that you have your wings and you’re happy now and that’s all I want for you. I love you so much this is so hard. I wish there was a way I could hold onto you🩷🩷🩷Please rest.

  31. CandleImageKailtynn, you are one of the most cheerful and sweetest girls I have ever met. I will miss the days and mornings you would run up to me and say hi, Sam, and scare me. I love those moments. We’ve gotten closer this year, and you’ll always be so sweet and look out for me. I remember us calling and playing games while I got mad when we messed up. It was awesome meeting you, and I miss you so much. 

    Rest and peace, kk. 

  32. Condolences to the whole family from Vietnam. I am Bao Sy Nguyen’s wife. I am deeply saddened to learn about the passing of our Kaitlynn. All my thoughts and prayers are with our angel.
    It’s an unimaginable pain for losing the one we love so much. May the love and support of those around you provide comfort and strength to navigate through this profound loss.

    Sincere condolences.

  33. Kaitlynn, you were a walking angel and always shined so bright that at first it blinded me. Actually, I thought you were so cool the first time I saw you that I was intimidated. But I’m so glad I got over that and began talking to you, because anytime we spoke I felt like I could go on forever, there was never an awkward silence since you made every moment count. At some point you also became my motivation to do my best, especially in school. As I watched you soar high and do so many activities it made me want to become more engaged too, so I pushed myself and I’m so grateful to you for that. When we got the same math map score i almost laughed in glee because I was in disbelief that I could possibly be on the same level as you. I used to look straight at you and get lost in your beauty, but now I will look up and be in awe at your gorgeous hues of pink, orange, and blue. You were always the life of the party, but alas you can rest now, and we can take over and be the lives of your party. You became a gorgeous angel, kk. We love you to infinity and beyond.
    My condolences go out to Kaitlynn’s family, you’ve done an amazing job at raising her to become such a wonderful, bright girl. I will forever keep her and you all in my prayers. Thank you, and thank you Kaitlynn for all you have done for us and would’ve done for the world. ♥

  34. I first met Kaitlynn in 4th grade. I remember running around the floor looking for pencils in the early morning. If I didn’t have one, Kaitlynn had my back. School was cut short due to covid, so we turned to the internet and bonded over video games. She was so talented, even at video games. I always wanted to play against her because she was a real challenge to beat. I even remember inviting her to play Minecraft during MAP testing.

    I remember there was a time Kaitlynn fed me lunchable’s for 3 months straight without my parents knowing. They were shocked to find out, and kept insisting I brought her lunch one of these days. I never got to return the favor, yet she always kept giving and giving. She baked and brought us gifts from her trips. Even though her cupcakes can be a little crunchy, she kept us in mind.

    Kaitlynn was one of my best friends. The time we had was a gift from god.❤️

  35. Kaitlyn, I truly wish I could’ve gotten to know you more. From all the fun times and silly things we did in Suso, I will always cherish those moments. It was like I had just seen you and we were talking about our Suso trip. You were always so happy and cheerful and you were always a leader. You achieved so much and I really wish you could’ve achieved more. You truly showed me that as long as you put work in you can achieve anything. I honestly truly look up to you.My words truly cannot express how much I’m grieving and in denial right now. You were truly amazing. You brought light everywhere you went. I really truly wish I could’ve said goodbye or even give you a hug. I know you are in a happiest ,brighter place. You’ll always be in our hearts.

  36. CandleImageKaitlynn I went through our messages from January 30th from now, if i’m being honest I replied to a few things with better answers and took screenshots of conversations I liked. I hope you wouldn’t get mad at me for doing something like that but in case you do I apologize. To be honest when I reached the end of our conversation I started crying because I was reminded of how I felt when I first found out of what happened to you. We still have an unfinished game-pigeon tournament but I think you would’ve won, you had me on the defensive for chess (which isn’t surprising because im rusty to be honest) and although I probably would’ve won the 8 ball, you already won the paintball which means you would’ve won 2/3😭 but I guess weather or not some miracle would’ve happened where maybe I won the chess or you won the 8 ball won’t be found out. I think you should know that the first time you beat me in 8 ball and you assumed I let you in when I messed up the last shot, I didn’t miss on purpose; I lost fair and square like I said. I guess though we’ll see who’s better next time I meet you, so practice a little while you’re gone.

  37. CandleImageI’m sorry but one more thing, you told me one time that I had to live until you got back from New Mexico, I don’t know exactly how long that is, so i’ll just try to live as long as possible. Thank you lynn.

  38. Ken and Family,
    I am sending my deepest condolences to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you, I am wishing your family comfort and strength, I will continue to pray for you & your family.
    -Lish Young

  39. Ken,

    We are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. My family and I send our condolences during this difficult time. We will keep you, your daughter, and the entire Nguyen family in our prayers.

    -Chris Silvey

  40. Ken, family and friends,

    My deepest and most sincere sympathies and condolences for your loss. Sending love to you all through this difficult time.


  41. Ken and family,
    I can’t imagine the pain you are feeling right now. I am praying for strength and God’s comfort for you all at this tragic time.

  42. Dear Kaitlynn’s friends,

    We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for being Kaitlynn’s friends and for sharing your thoughts and prayers with us in our time of immense grief. Please know that we appreciate and enjoy so much reading your thoughts and prayers which give us great comfort knowing that Kaitlynn was loved not only by her relatives but also by all her friends and those who knew her. Her time on Earth was so brief and she left us so unexpectedly, but she brought great love and so much happiness to her relatives, and it gives us great solace to know that she also brought love and joy to her friends and those who knew her as well. May God bless Kaitlynn and comfort her in Heaven, and may God bless all of you.

    With love and sincere appreciation,
    Kaitlynn’s family

  43. Kaitlynn was confident, funny, loyal, decisive and beautiful from the inside to the outside. She was an influencer in her friend group and amongst her peers. I will never forget our trip to the State Science Fair last year. I treasure the time spent seeing Kaitlynn outside of school- I came to realize that she was always true to who she was no matter the audience or setting. She would grasp every day fully, joyfully.

    Kaitlynn brought joy to my heart as she did to so many others. I pray for all who have lost Kaitlynn; she was loved by many.

    Mere words cannot express my sorrow for the loss Kaitlynn.

    🩷Love and Prayers,
    Karen Moore

  44. Thuy,
    We are deeply saddened to hear of your loss. My family and I send our condolences during this difficult time. Keeping you and your family in our prayers may God give you strength and comfort.

  45. Ken,

    I am absolutely heartbroken to have heard about the news of your daughter. Words cannot express how sorry I am. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  46. Wishing your family comfort in this time of loss. May her wings be light and airy and carry her throughout heaven.

  47. Im so sorry for the loss of kaitlynn. ive known her since we were in 3rd grade and i remember how smart and funny she was.

  48. She was one of my best friends . We would always talk and joke about the funniest things. She brought so much to my life. We would hangout we would tease we would always have fun talking and hanging out. I will always remember her
    I only wish comfort for your family❤️❤️

  49. Kaitlynn,
    Even though we weren’t close I always looked up to you and how much life you had. Those suso memories are unmatched. Figuring out how to memorize the script so late, scolding Ms.Valdez cause she didn’t give us our spot, running everywhere just for the pie in the face, going to elevators and getting permission slips, making fun of our teammates for leaving us at the last second, and so much more just to get an award. I would always remember those chaotic but funny moments with you and I was so blessed to have you in my team. We never got the supplies we wanted for that closet and the personal things we would buy, but I promise I would annoy Ms.Ortiz so much so we can fully put a year’s work into action (and also buy those squishmellows u deserved haha). You worked and cared so much for this little closet, so I hope that I can bring that out too. Even though we weren’t close, I feel a bit of emptiness knowing that you can’t say hi in the hallways or i cant see you in suso. I wouldn’t get to see you run track after my clubs or see you goof around with your friends. I wouldn’t get to see you go to our cafeteria for a fundrasier or anything else. I wouldn’t get a message on my phone with our little conversations. I wouldn’t have that anymore in my life, and that brings lots of sadness and hurt knowing you aren’t going to be there. I was looking forward to next year for suso that you would be on my team and some of my classes. I wanted to get closer to you, but I realize I shouldn’t have waited for that. You have taught me to treasure and to act on life because we really don’t know when things end. You have been such a light and an amazing person to me, and I hope you realized that. Your life was evidence of love and beauty in the world and how that can affect so many people. God really put you in many people’s lives to show that there is still light in the world despite what bad things we’re going through. You’ve lit up many people’s lives, and I hope you knew that.

    Condolences to her family who are grieving right now. Thank you for your wonderful daughter and the memories you gave her, and we will see her again soon !!

  50. My condolences to family and friends of Kaitlynn. After reading all the sweet comments here, it is clear Kaitlynn was a very special person. She had many friends and was a kind and caring person.

  51. Chào Kaitlynn, chi biết tiếng việt của tôi không được, nhưng tôi muốn nói cái này.

    I know we weren’t close, but every memory I have of you was nothing but joy. Even things as small as saying hi and joking around in the halls, you coming up to us during lunch, and seeing the joy you brought to others as well brought a special time that nobody else could match. All of my friends were so excited to see her become a freshman the next year so we could have classes together, and even now Im glad she lives on in all of our memories. You really were the light, no matter how dim, in so many of our lives.

    My condolences to her family and friends, I cannot imagine the feelings. But thank you to them and God for bringing to us such a marvelous person; we will meet again soon.

    Kaitlynn, cảm ơn nhiều, em cho nhiều các em ấy, xin lỗi là không thuộc thời gian dài.

  52. Ken,

    Words can’t begin to express my deepest condolences to you and your family. You guys are in my prayers.

    Jeff Alberico and family

  53. Thuy #1,
    Some of the greatest people died tragically: Jesus, MLK Jr., JFK, and Seneca. Their loved ones and followers may not want them to leave so abruptly, but their memories live forever in our hearts 50-2000 years later, inspiring us to be better versions of ourselves.
    Thuy, I loved hearing stories of Kaitlynn at work. I can tell you are proud of her bravery, being a great debater, and just being so sweet to you. From a mother to a mother, my heart aches for your loss. As a philosopher, we all know we must die one day. I’m happy that your daughter left such a positive impact in her world before she left.
    Thuy #2

  54. Kaitlynn,
    Even though we weren’t close, I always looked up to you. I admired your social life, grades, and how you went out somewhere that was almost every day it seemed. I remember texting you about taking me on these trips and how fun they seemed. My very last message to you was about New Mexico and to take me with you. Little did I know it would be my last time talking to you ever again. When spring break ends I will truly miss you in first block. I will miss your singing to the song Love by Keyshia Cole and Heaven can wait by Micheal Jackson. You brought so much life to our class and our school. We will always honor your memory.

  55. Kaitlynn, you were such an amazing, wonderful person. I always thought you were incredibly talented, you accomplished so many things in such little time. Till this day I still remember our old friend group from 4th grade when we all planned to spend a part of our future together. When I found out about what happened the first thing that came to my mind was Tuesday march 5th how we were just sitting their in the grass before running our 200×4 race and how nervous we all were but still trying to comfort eachother. We ended up getting last but that didn’t matter because I enjoyed the time we talked it brought back so many memories. Although we weren’t as close as we used to be I was still incredibly thankful for the moments we spent together, and I still always wished the best for you. I am so very thankful that I had a chance to know you. You will be greatly missed by me and many others ❤️

  56. CandleImageGood bye Kaitlynn, my beautiful, adoreable, caring and generous niece. Thank you for bringing joy and pride to your family and friends. Miss you and very sad but I know it’s because you’re an angel with a brief time on earth. Ascend heaven with many blessings, sweet little Kaitlynn.
    Bé Minh Thư xinh đẹp, đáng yêu, hiếu thảo và tốt bụng ơi. Cảm ơn con đã mang lại niềm vui và tự hào cho gia đình và bạn bè. Nhớ con và buồn lắm nhưng biết con là thiên thần chỉ tạm ghé chơi chốn trần gian thôi. Con mang nhiều phước lành về cõi an vui nhé.
    Bác Thy

  57. Dearest Thuy and family,
    I am so heartbroken by your loss. I can only imagine your unfathomable grief. I’m so glad you have such a loving and caring family. She was such a very special girl. I’m so very sorry. My family is praying for you all.
    Karen Farmer

  58. CandleImagePlease accept our deepest condolences to your family over the loss of sweet Kaitlynn! Thinking of you as I know exactly how hard it is for I recently just lost my son as well. Sending lots of healing prayers, peace and comforting hugs to mama Thuy and the family.
    With love,
    Quang & Bao-An’s family

  59. Dearest Uncle Tien and Family,

    No words can express how sorry I am for the loss of sweet Kaitlyn (Minh Thu). I cannot imagine the pain and heartache you’re feeling. I am praying for your peace and comfort. May your happy memories give you peace and comfort during this challenging time.

  60. To the Nguyen Family from the Bookman’s: We are incredibly sad and sorry for the loss of your sweet baby girl Kaitlynn. We pray that you find strength, comfort and understanding during this time. May her memory forever live in your hearts.

  61. Dear Kaitlynn,
    I wish we could have been better friends, I remember seeing you for the first time and thinking of how well you did things and I was in awe of how smart you were, we got closer I guess when we started snapping random pictures of our rooms on snapchat and you always had the best photos. I remember thinking, “Wow I love Kaitlynns aesthetic and she’s so pretty without even trying.” When I found out you had gone to Heaven, I couldn’t believe it because I had just talked to you when you wished me happy birthday and at the track meet. I texted you on snapchat, Instagram and even on tiktok but there was no reply, my heart sunk as it started to sink in. I wouldn’t see you in advisory anymore, or at lunch, or in science class, I wouldn’t get to compliment you are listen to you compliment me, I wouldn’t get to tell you about my crushes or get to talk about my friend problems. It all hit me like a truck and I realized I would never get to hear your laughter again. Even though we weren’t close I still consider you a good friend, thank you for being there for me,
    Love- Christelle❤️

  62. To be honest no its not acceptable that your gone for me your always gonna be here with us mentally. One time you said that you can die peacefully because my opinion mattered you meant it as a joke I didn’t know you meant it. You just wanted to have fun, but sometimes this life can be cruel and has consequences to every action we have It wont be the same without you but I know you’ll be here with us friends forever❤️.

  63. CandleImageKaitlynn was one of the best people I met and I’m glad I did. She was smart, kind, inclusive, and she was one of the people I felt I could trust most in this cruel, cruel world. We’ve had our ups and downs in this friendship but it’s always been a great one in the end. I’ll never forget the time we’ve spent together and the impact you’ve had on my life. It was too early. We’ll miss you forever Kaitlynn, our fallen angel.❤️❤️

  64. I didn’t know Kaitlynn very well, but she was one of the best people I’ve ever met. She was charismatic, funny, and extremely smart. She will be greatly missed.

  65. Dear Minh Thu,
    Our heart still breaks hearing that you have left us too soon. I’m so sad that I couldn’t spend more time with you, but I will keep all my memories of you close forever. You are an angel that has touched my heart, your family’s, and so many other people in more ways than you could ever know. We love you so much and will miss you dearly.
    With love,
    Bac Sara & Hieu

  66. I still can’t believe you are not on the earth my favorite memory of you is probably when we were in social studies and the song by taylor swift was playing and you were singing along which caused others to sing with you ur vibrant energy will never leave us and you will always be in our hearts even tho i didn’t really get to know you , you still have a special place in my heart ❤️

  67. Dear, Kaitlynn
    We miss you so much, no amount of words can describe how bad I wish you were with us. I will always miss your silly jokes, your cute laugh, and just your sparkly and bubbly personality. I wish I could take more silly photoshoots with you in Spanish or sing out loud in PLTW and English. I will forever be grateful for the friendship we had and the memories we have created in the past. I remember during Spanish, you’d always love to snatch my phone and take random pictures with silly Snapchat filters, I’m really going to miss it all Kaitlynn. You were so pretty and I wish you could know how much I looked up to you because of how well you were in school and in general. I’m so glad you got to experience many things and got to go to so many places, you truly had a very adventerous life. Everytime I have you in my mind, I’ll always be sure to go to your favorite boba place and have boba, I love you lots Kaitlynn and forever will, I miss you so muchhh. 💗

  68. Dear Kaitlynn, I wish you could be able to read this. I’ve been knowing you since I was in the 3rd grade. I’m so happy I got to be apart of your life. I miss how you and me used to have the deepest talks ever and we used to be side eyeing the people we didn’t like. I really wish I had one last chance to give you the best last goodbye. I have many memories with you like when we used to sing Love by Keyshia Cole all the time while people would be judging us (and somehow we made it to one of the harmony pages for the most horrid singing or something) or when I used to rant to you about this guy and you would be like “oo girl block him” and I didn’t listen to you and I would annoy you a whole lot (I’m sorry for that) about him. I love how you used to do your GRWMs on FaceTime with me while I was just laying in bed. I miss how we used to argue about who’s fatter me or you as a joke or how we used to kitty fight. Me and you when we were together we would be in our own little world doing our own little things not knowing people around us are side eyeing. If I had one last minute or even a second with you I wouldn’t waste it. If I had known that you were going to leave us sooner I would record every moment I had with you. I miss our photoshoots. And lastly I miss you. Rest in peace Kaitlynn you will forever be missed pretty girl.

  69. I didn’t know Kaitlynn, but one thing I did know is that she had a bright future ahead of her. She was one of the smartest, kindest, and most caring people in our grade. I remember every house rally, she would show up with her green tutu. She was the best house leader anyone could ask for. She will be missed forever. She’s made such a big impact on everyone here. She always lived life to its fullest and encouraged others. I can’t believe that she won’t be on that stage with us when we graduate. She should still be here with us, she shouldn’t be gone. I should be able to come to school and see her smiling and laughing in the hallway. She would light up a room whenever she walked in. She would cheer the loudest for her house and made sure she supported them. She was so amazing, cheerful, loving, and just a delightful person in genral. She made an impact on me and everyone in 8th grade. She will be missed by me and many others. You were gone too soon. We love you Kaitlynn, you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  70. I didn’t know Kaitlyn personly but I do know that she had a light that lit up everybodys day and put a smile on everyones faces. If her death taught us anything, it was to cherish life because you don’t know how much time you or some on you loves has left. Love them, Cherish memories, and Live life to the fullest. Rest in peace Kaitlyn. We will miss The best Middle school head of house ever.

  71. Dear Kaitlynn,

    I remember meeting you in 4th grade. I always though that you were so pretty and smart. You would always give us the big packets of candy during Valentines day and I would always want to repay you but never did. We were never close but we knew each other and who we were. Whenever I heard about what had happened, I almost fell to the ground. I was shaking and in shock. I didn’t believe it at first but now I do. I wish you could see all these people that care for you and that wrote such nice things on your locker for you. I always looked up to you and how you would always smile at everyone and be nice to everyone.

    With tears and a smile, Sophia. <3

  72. Dear Kaitlynn,
    Even though I almost did know you at all during middle school I will still miss you, I will remember the times we talked in elementery, how you were so nice and how you continued to be so nice, kind, and such an inspiration to others, I remember how we used to talk in elementery and even in middle school, I remember how I got a random text one day and it was you, I was happy you still remembered me and would have like to be closer with you, when I heard the news I was confused and hoped it was a cruel joke….you will be missed by everyone…I hope you are well in the afterlife and that maybe we could talk one day…Rest in peace…

  73. Dear Kaitlynn,
    I might not really know you, but we have talked before. I have also heard wonderful things about you. You are one of the smartest, kindest, pretty, and most caring people that I know. In the GT meeting you were very silly and smart. I wanted to be your friend too, but I was too nervous. Once I heard the news about you I was like in shock… I didn’t know what to say. It was very sad seeing your friends/best friends crying and they were missing you very badly. That just made me cry too. I know so many people have loved you and so did you. We all will miss you even though we don’t know each other that well. I hope to talk to you one day. Rest in peace Kaitlynn you will forever be missed.

  74. Dear Kaitlynn,
    I might not really know you, but we have talked before. I have also heard wonderful things about you. You are one of the smartest, kindest, pretty, and most caring people that I know. In the GT meeting you were very silly and smart. I wanted to be your friend too, but I was too nervous. Once I heard the news about you I was like in shock… I didn’t know what to say. It was very sad seeing your friends/best friends crying and they were missing you very badly. That just made me cry too. I know so many people have loved you and so did you. We all will miss you even though we don’t know each other that well. I hope to talk to you one day. Rest in peace Kaitlynn you will forever be missed.

  75. Dear Kaitlynn,
    You’re so pretty and kind! You always had your own unique style( I loved it) I never really knew you but I’m still in a stage of shock of what happened! I’m only just a 6th grader but you made such a impact on my life! You will always be missed!

    -abbi rae

  76. Dear Kaitlynn ,

    You were a kind , loving , and gorgeous sweet person . We weren’t really close to eachother , but I really loved you . The first time , I saw you and met you , I was scared . I would always remember I would come by to your locker and greet you with a “hello” , and you would always say hi back in a really happy voice . I miss saying hi to you , and hearing your voice . The last time we talked in person was in December . Please come back , so I won’t feel this pain again . You are missed , by friends and family . I love you . 💘

  77. I can’t believe that you’re in heaven right now! I’m in the biggest state of shock that a loved one (you) is now gone from my life😔 I can’t stop seeing your face at your locker smiling and waving and laughing with friends. I hope God is keeping you safe! I love you too much. Thank you for being there. Everything I pray I’ll ask God to talk to you!

  78. Dear Kaitlynn,
    I never really knew you, but I’ve always wanted to be your friend. Your gorgeous, reassuring smile always made me feel like I should keep going and be happy. You were so pretty and you seemed so kind, I looked at you and saw how pretty you were, kind looking, smiling all the time, you brightened up our hallways. I hope you know that you really completed hsi, you were a part of it, a big part. i’ll never forget you and i wish i would’ve talked to you when i had the chance☹️.

  79. Dear Kaitlynn,
    I want to start off by saying that I barely knew you but i’ve always observed you occasionally whether it was at your locker or at lunch. I always admired you and your beauty, your carefree personality and your perfect grades. You just seemed like such a cool person to befriend and hang out with and I really regret missing out on that for my stupid mistakes in 6-7th grade. Even before reading all these comments, I could tell you were such an outgoing and bright person to be around. I also heard that you loved to travel so I hope you spent your life traveling around to the places you wanted to go, before leaving so soon. I can’t bring myself to believe that you died so young, 13 years old, is absolutely mind-blowing. When I got to school this morning, it really hit me, you were really gone. I cried my eyes out when they announced your passing in first period and wanted to cry all day. You were such a great CRLP member, your fresh ideas and thoughts on certain things were truly wonderful. You were also an outstanding Gumption Jr. HOH and I wish you could’ve lived to become a senior Head Of House (if that’s what you wanted). Our Jr. HOH lockers were right next to each other and I’d always ask you what day it is on Friday’s and now we won’t ever share that experience again, that might’ve been the last words we ever shared on Thursday when I asked you the same question. When I found out about your tragic death, I was in shock and disbelief, “There’s no way she died that way.” “Where’s the proof?” Until I saw the news and it was really true. I hope you got to spend every moment of life with the people you love and cherish. They will keep you in their hearts forever, and so will I.💖

    Dear Kaitlynn’s family,
    It must be really hard what you guys are going through right now, but I hope these comments show you how much your daughter was loved at our school. She truly made a big impact for the entire school and will forever be missed by many. Majority of Harmony love her and admire her for her wits and her sunshine personality, you brought to life a wonderful human being and we will forever cherish the moments we had with her. Please live your lives to the fullest because that’s what Kaitlynn would want. 💖
    Rest in piece Kaitlynn Minh Thu Nguyen..

  80. Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. I am sending you all the warmest hugs and kisses. Kaitlynn was a dear friend to me and she will always have a place in my heart. I will always cherish our memories throughout the school and track. Kaitlynn was inspiration to many including me, she had a very bright future ahead of her. She was intelligent, funny, caring, and compassionate. She was a leader to all , I appreciate how much she was involved in NJHS and Track. I miss you so much Kaitlynn, fly high.

  81. Interesting post. I’m glad I found this page. I’m going to bookmart it so I can read any future posts.

  82. My deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the family of Kaitlynn. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Joaquin Gonzales

  83. Dear Kaitlynn,I know we’ve never met in person but I had always passed your locker in the mornings going to pe and thought to myself that you were such a gorgeous girl and you seemed like you had such an outstanding and friendly personality when I first saw you at school was when I saw you had got jr head of house for gumption and I was proud of you for getting it even tho I didn’t know you personally,I’m still in a state of shock I still cant believe your gone.Everyone at harmony loved you and will remember great memories about you.Until I see you again Kaitlynn.

  84. CandleImageCondolences to family and loved ones of Kaitlynn,
    I’m so sorry for your lost. I can assure you that Kaitlynn was an amazing student and an amazing person in general. She is loved and missed by so many of her friends and teachers. Kaitlynns family did an amazing job on raising her, she was such a smart girl and she was straight forward and a great person to get advice from. She was always there for people who needed her and she would always make the class so much funnier. Kaitlynn was a girl with such good humor. It’s been so hard since that we have lost such an amazing, precious, adventurous, graceful and sociable angel. She may have left us physically but she will never leave our side and she will always be looking down at us, watching over us.
    Rest in peace kk, love and miss you so much.

    • To our families, friends, and communities,

      We appreciate everyone for your outpouring of love for Kaitlynn and for supporting our family through this tragedy. Even though the pain of our loss is immeasurable, hearing you all share your fond memories of Kaitlynn warms our hearts. We can’t begin to count how many people brought us food, sent us flowers, wrote us letters, or just gave us a hug. It was incredible how many people showed up for us and helped us celebrate Kaitlynn’s life. For those of you who had to stand outside on Sunday, please accept our sincere apology and know that we’re deeply grateful that you still waited for Kaitlynn. Our family finds comfort in that she had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives. Thank you with all of our hearts.

  85. Yesterday, my very dear friend Son shared with me (and two other close collogues) the tragic, devastating and heartbreaking story of this beautiful and talented young girl. As he told of Kaitlynn’s exceptional abilities, and qualities (even at such a young age), as well as the awards for excellence for a variety of activities, the sense of pride, honor and respect he had for her was very evident – and completely justified. She had such an impact on so many lives. Your family was so blessed to have her in it, and I know she will be terribly missed. I pray that her loved ones will somehow be comforted.

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